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  • Flicker Introductions
  • This group is here so that our Flickers can introduce themselves to other Flickers! This way we can get to know each other a little bit better! Forming new friendships along the way! Let's go!
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  • therosebud
    Hello, I'm a girl from the US, who loves to play the sims. I'm in my 20's and I'm also a university student. I started playing the sims when I was just a little girl and been loving the game ever since. My favorite videos to make are ones pertaining to...  more
  • therosebud
  • Hey Guys! What an honor to be here! Well, I too am a gamer with a YouTube Channel. Former US ARMY veteran, IT guy with a family, I'm a 44 year old gamer that's been gaming since I was 6. So almost 40 years?!? And I have loved the growth of gaming over...  more
  • Well an Introduction page..... Im never sure what to write here. well here it goes Im a 3 x 10 + 7 Year old dude from Scotland, I have always loved playing Video games and decided to bite the bullet and start a YouTube channel. I mainly focus on...  more
    Loopylugs Gaming
  • LoopylugsGaming81
  • Slychemist
    Hey on you Flicka Fellas!
    I'm 23 year old goofy young man from Denmark!
    I'm living with my fiancee and my 4 cats, Right now i'm without a job, but I've spent the past 8 years working in different Pet shops.
    I got this small gaming channel, where...  more
  • Slychemist
  • GameRuthra
    Okay let's see about me eh? Nothing interesting about me.. just turned 18 on September 27.. I love games since from my childhood. My dad is the one who introduced me to games and I love God of war series and resident evil series and played many games on...  more
  • GameRuthra