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Flickaboo Introduction


The video section of Flickaboo is where all the magic happens. Users can create their own Flickaboo channels and easily connect them with their actual YouTube channels. This allows them to select videos that will be automatically added to their Flickaboo channel. All this is done with a few clicks. Once a channel is created, users can share videos manually and select their channel as destination.  For your information, while channels can only be linked for YouTube users, platforms such as Vimeo & Daily Motion are very welcome too and users are invited to share their videos on Flickaboo as well.

On Flickaboo, users can share YouTube videos. Other users can subscribe, rate and like a channel, which will open up an array of possibilities, such as contests, featuring of channels, single videos etc.

Users can also search through other channels and connect easily through the site’s messaging system, as well as future chat additions.

Flickaboo groups are a way for users to create their own shared interests. These can be visible for everyone or only be accessible privately. In groups users can upload pictures, open discussions and connect with others who share similar interests. Users may create a number of groups, but all of them will be connected to Horror and Gaming video creation, and talent connections to help generate real YouTube friendships and collaborations among members.