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Flickaboo Introduction

What is Flickaboo and what’s the purpose of the site?

  • Flickaboo is a new platform designed for undiscovered YouTube users who's main interest is Horror, Gaming, or both. It's for users who seek more views and subscribers, and most importantly, exposure.
  • With recent changes of rules, only users who have a huge following are recognized and pushed by YouTube. This substantially lessens chances for exposure to those who may have great content and talent but can’t get the numbers.
  • Flickaboo’s mission is to create a platform for those talents so they can be seen and heard.

The way it works:

Flickaboo members are able to connect their YouTube channels to our platform, which allows them to post videos easily, with just a few clicks. However, posting videos is just the beginning. Flickaboo is designed for members to easily access each other’s profiles, videos and channels. You won’t need to search long to find someone or something you really like. One of the key concepts of Flickaboo, which we felt was most important when conceiving the site is this: our platform gives horror and gaming youtubers the possibility to grow their fanbase in an honest way. Our site will never offer quick, artificial, mechanically made-up views.

Another very important aspect of Flickaboo is that we sincerely wish to help. The founders are YouTubers who’s main interest is horror and gaming. We clearly understand the need for this platform. We focus on building genuine interest-based groups, who can collaborate with each other. Flickaboo is all about supporting each other. Friendships can be formed and you can get together in our messaging system or create your own niche groups for youtubers who share your personal interests.

Flickaboo will help you to get the exposure you deserve by sharing your content on Social Media. Let the FUN BEGIN!

  • Flickaboo’s credo: connect with others, spread the flicker and create a shining spotlight for everyone who is connected to it.


What categories does Flickaboo offer and what’s the purpose of each one?

Videos – The video section of Flickaboo is where all the magic happens. Users can create their own Flickaboo channels and easily connect them with their actual YouTube channels. This allows them to select videos that will be automatically added to their Flickaboo channel. All this is done with a few clicks. Once a channel is created, users can share videos manually and select their channel as destination.  For your information, while channels can only be linked for YouTube users, platforms such as Vimeo & Daily Motion are very welcome too and users are invited to share their videos on Flickaboo as well.

Channels – On Flickaboo, users can share YouTube videos. Other users can subscribe, rate and like a channel, which will open up an array of possibilities, such as contests, featuring of channels, single videos etc.

Users can also search through other channels and connect easily through the site’s messaging system, as well as future chat additions.

Groups – Flickaboo groups are a way for users to create their own shared interests. These can be visible for everyone or only be accessible privately. In groups users can upload pictures, open discussions and connect with others who share similar interests. Users may create a number of groups, but all of them will be connected to Horror and Gaming video creation, and talent connections to help generate real YouTube friendships and collaborations among members.


Flickaboo Contests

Flickaboo will hold contests from time to time, in which YouTubers can upload their chosen videos. A jury and the members will decide on the final winner. The winning video will be featured and sponsored at the top of the platform with a direct link to their YouTube channel, which will help boost their exposure and growth of their actual channel.




We want to create a safe and honest environment for gamers and horror fans. We only ask that you interact with respect with your fellow members, that you refrain from fowl language or offensive communications. Our goal is to help you get more exposure for your work and possibly make new friends who are like minded and share similar interests. Let’s keep it fun!